COMBATT is a collective waste management system for automotive and industrial batteries accredited by the Hellenic Recycling Agency (EOAN).

Cooperation with COMBATT ensures companies which produce, import and resell automotive and industrial batteries to comply with the obligations imposed by European and Greek legislation on waste management.

Our aim is:

  • environmentally optimal management of waste automotive and industrial batteries
  • achieving national goals

Specifically, COMBATT S.A. focuses on:

  • built up and coordinate a network of partnerships with licensed collectors and recyclers of lead batteries
  • develop procedures for waste batteries management in the best environmentally friendly way
  • record and monitor of data concerning waste batteries management in Greece
  • inform and raise awareness of all stakeholders on the proper waste batteries management and consequently tο increase the rate of proper collection and recycling.

Affiliation with COMBATT ensures the fulfillment of the requirements imposed by the European and Greek legislation for the producers of automotive and industrial batteries.
COMBATT’s dedication to total quality is our commitment and our daily practice. To achieve our goals, we have defined a system of design, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of our activities and we organize the management of our resources according to requirements and the terms of ISO 9001:2014, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

Our integrated management system is certified by Lloyd’s.